Monday, November 23, 2009

REVIEW: Switch by Carol Snow


When Claire hit her teens interesting things started to happen during electrical storm. She would switch bodies. Usually she would jump back into her body as soon as she fell back asleep. But one night something goes terribly wrong and she ends up trapped in the fabulous body of Larissa who has caught the eye of Claire's long time crush Nate. Will Claire find her way back to her own body? Or would she rather not?

I enjoyed this book quite a bit. Character development in the book was fairly good however, I did find there were some gaps in the plot. Although the writing wasn't the best I have ever read the message behind it was great. Who hasn't ever felt that they wold love to have the body of a supermodel? This novel has a great message that it's really what is inside that counts. Not to mention there is a bit of romance, comedy and best friendy goodness. A great read if you are looking for a quick read that will make you feel good about yourself when you are done.


Bookalicious said...

Ooh, I actually really like the sound of this boo, thanks for the review!

Bookalicious said...

*book, obviously ;)