Sunday, September 6, 2009

REVIEW: Beastly by Alex Flinn


Kyle Kingsbury is the guy everyone wants to be: popular, good looking, rich. But he is also spoiled rotten and has an overall beastly personality. He pushes a witch too far one day and is transformed into the beast he really is. Locked away in a huge brownstone house Kyle is lonely and depressed. The only way to break the spell however is to be kissed by his true love. Will Kyle be able to overcome his beastly attitude and fall in love and better yet have someone fall in love with him?

Beastly is a modern retellying of Beauty and the Beast. There were some things that I liked about it and some that kind of irked me a little bit. I liked the modern day sort of setting and the lesson that this book protrays; that beauty isn't everything. I also really like the short chatting sessions where Kyle finds other fairytale creatures to relate with.

There was one thing that bothered me though. I find that the protagonist Kyle is too young (14 at the start of the book) to be experiencing some of the things that the author is making him. I would certainly hope that normally at that age they wouldn't be getting the amount of "action" he was getting from the ladies. Although I am not a 14 year old boy so I wouldn't really know. I think that a lot of the things that go on in this book could all have been remedied if they started him at age 16 instead of 14. I guess they don't actually say the age but it is stated that he is in grade 9 and here in Canada that means 14 or I guess could be 15 if near the end of the year but still isn't that a little young *sorry about my rantings here, just kinda irked me*.

I really love modern retellings of fairytales and I enjoyed this one. There are just some things that bugged me a little about it and that in present day may not be totally realistic.


Jenny said...

Hm, I love Beauty and the Beast and hadn't heard of any retellings. I can imagine I would have the same thoughts as you do about the main character being too young.

Sarbear said...

I love spins on classic fairy taleS! Can't wait to read it : ) 14 does sound too young, I agree.

Aimee said...

I really enjoyed Beastly. I don't think it really hit me that he was only 14. I definitely pictured him being older and completely ignored the age they gave in the book. I can see why that would bother you because it doesn't seem realistic at all when reflecting.