Sunday, August 16, 2009

REVIEW: Evermore by Alyson Noel


Ever, a 16 year old girl has had psychic abilities since her family and almost herself were killed in a horrible car accident. She is able to see peoples' auras, hear their thoughts and tell there life story by touch. Ever blames herself for the crash and hates every moment that she lives with these abilities. She hides herself away with raging music and hoodies labeling her a freak at school. This all changes though when a mysterious new student comes to the school. Ever falls easily in love with him but there are so many questions surrounding him. Is he the perfect match or is there something magical about him?

I found this story a little difficult to get into right away but once it starts it is hard to put down. Ever is a very easy character to respect as well as her "unique" friends. This book is full of romance but also dark twists and secrets. Alyson Noël utilized a theme that attracts young readers but has added some unique twists to fall away from the trend. I would reccomend this to any reader who enjoys the paranormal romance genre.


Rachel said...

For some reason I just didn't like this book. It just seemed slow and very unreal to me. Which is a first because I gobble paranormal books down. A lot of people liked it though.

Kristan said...

Ya I found it a little slow... usually when I get into a really good book I just keep reading and can't stop this took me almost a week to read.